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Product Testing

Welcome to the wonderful world of product testing!

Are you a stay at home mom? Looking for something to do in your free time? Maybe you would just like the opportunity to try some products before you buy. If any of these apply to you then product testing may be perfect for you. Any one looking for a new hobby can do this! all you need is a computer, internet connection, and a valid mailing address.This is the perfect way to occupy your free time and even earn a bit of cash or sometimes gift cards to some of your favorite stores!
What is a product tester?
A product tester is someone who receives products from companies, via mail, in order to test and send a review of the product back to the company. This way the company gets an honest review of how well they did with their product and how well it fits in with an everyday lifestyle. The time spent testing the product is usually paid and the tester get’s to keep the product! Sounds like a dream, right? All you have to do is sign up with various companies online. You’re just a click away from getting paid to try out free products!

What products are available to test?
You can sign up to test anything from clothing items to kitchen appliances. If a company makes it you have the opportunity to test it! It’s up to you which items you decide to review. You can even make this a perfect fit to go along with your other hobbies!

How much work is product testing?
The amount of effort you put into testing is entirely up to you. You can choose to take on as few or as many as you choose and are under no obligation to do a set number of items. Just go through and select the items that interest you!
These companies are looking to test their product before it hits the shelves to make sure it will be a hit! That’s where you come in! So they want you to be comfortable with the process.
How do I become a product tester?
First, you simply have to find and sign up for a company looking for testers. Once that’s done, the company will send you emails with surveys in order to see if you are suitable to test out their new products. Once you finish the survey, the company will get back in touch with you to let you know if you are what they are looking for. Typically the company wants to know your age, gender, income or even location to see if you are right for testing their product.

Once you get your approval email you are all ready to go! The company will send you the product to test and you have one or two weeks before they would like you to provide feedback on the item, then you are on your way to getting paid! You also now get to keep the product you have been testing!

To get you started, here is a list of product testing panels;
All of the companies listed give out free products to test and are willing to pay you for your time. All you have to do is sign up before they don’t have any more openings! Some of the sites included are paid survey sites as well!

SurveySpot Panel- Pays by PayPal and gift cards- SurveySpot mostly focuses on household items, such as toasters and tea kettles to coffee makers and microwaves. If kitchen appliances are your niche, this is the place for you!
Toluna-Pays with cash and gift cards- If you are looking to make quite a bit of extra money, this is the place to go. Toluna pays more for their product testing and also typically sends more expensive items to test.
MySurvey- Pays by cash, PayPal and gift cards- MySurvey is a panel that pays very well. They typically send out household, food and beauty items. If you join one of the higher paying focus groups, they may even send you mobile phones to test!
Valued Opinions- Pays by gift cards- Valued Opinions typically sends out beauty products, but they also send out invitations for higher paying focus groups.
Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel- Pays by free merchandise- With this panel they send you a scanner and all you have to do is scan all of your home purchases and they reward you with free products!
Pinecone Research- Pays by PayPal, cash, gift cards and more!- Pinecone typically sends out two to four products a month for testing. Because of this, it is at the moment an “Invite only” panel.
PSG-  Lets you keep the products for free – Mostly household items and invites to electronic product panels where you get the £1000 plus products to keep.
IPoll- Pays by PayPal and gift cards- IPoll sends out mostly shampoos and soaps for testers to try.
SurveySavy- Pays by cash- A very well-paying panel. They mostly send out beauty products to try. Including; perfume, aftershave and deodorant.
Global Test Market- Pays by cash- They send out mostly household items and pay very well!
Opinion Outpost- Pays by PayPal and gift cards- This company pays very well and gives the amazing option of being able to cash out whenever you want!
BuzzBack Panel- Pays by PayPal and gift cards- BuzzBack doesn’t send out that many products a month but they do mostly send out beauty products, so if that’s what you’re looking for this company is worth signing up for.
Loreal Product Testing Panel-  Pays in free beauty products- the products this company offers can sometimes be hard to qualify for but, if you can qualify it is worth it! The only pay is beauty products but since it is name brand products I think it is a fair trade off.
BzzAgent- Pays in MyPoints rewards- You won’t believe how many products this company sends out a month! They don’t pay out, but the products are worth it!
Product Network- Pays in free products- This panel doesn’t pay in cash, but it does have free products!
Johnson & Johnson, Friends & Neighbors- Pays by cash- This panel is perfect for moms of babies and toddlers! They send out all kinds of kid products to test!